At the initial basement walk through, we will provide you with a folder containing our licenses, workman’s compensation and liability insurance policies, customer reference names and telephone numbers. We will also provide you with two handouts, one a step-by-step description of the basement finishing process, and the other a description of what we do to control moisture in your basement.

Moisture Control Handout » | Basement Finishing Process »

We’ll then walk through the basement space together, gathering information on what features you are looking for in your new space, and offering ideas and suggestions for your space based on our experiences in other basements we’ve finished. After we have a good initial idea of what you want for the space, we’ll then do a detailed laser measurement of the unfinished space, locating key features such as the stairway, lally columns, doors and windows, etc.. The entire process (walk through and measuring) typically takes one hour, then we leave… high pressure sales tactics, or buy-now discount offers.

Within one week (usually within a day or two), we will e-mail a floor plan and cost proposal to you (see an example of each below). As you will see, our proposals are very specific and itemized (including optional items), allowing you to add and delete features for your space according to your style and budget. We are also happy to make any changes to either document based on your feedback, just let us know!

Sample Floor Plan » | Sample Proposal »

If you decide that you want to move forward with us on your project, the next steps would be to finalize the scope of work (tweak the floor plan, decide on optional items in the proposal), then we will put together a 2 page contract, spelling out the projects start-by date, finish-by date, payment terms, etc.. (see below for an example of our contract).

Sample Contract »

There is no charge for the consultation, the floor plan or the proposal, and you are under no obligation hire us. We know that our pricing is very competitive, our reputation is outstanding and our work quality is second to none, so we’re confident that we can put together a plan that will fit your needs. To schedule a consultation, please contact us  or give us a call at 774-266-6236!